Friday Facts! Immunology style...

Greetings everybody, 

It is the end of the week finally! Not sure if you guys saw my tweet a couple of days ago, but I have enrolled myself on to a free online course introducing Cancer Immunotherapy. Ever since the beginning of this course, my passion for immunology has been booted up again, I mean our immune system is crazy awesome! So, I decided to dedicate an entire Friday Facts post on Immunology, so enjoy it guys. 

Wasn't it awesome! have you learnt something new about your immune system, or therapeutic treatment? How about those DNA patents hey how do you feel about this? If you find this extremely interesting TEDx have an amazing video on DNA patenting and it is all about the BRCA1 gene. Totally recommended! 

Guys as always have an amazing weekend, whether you are going for an awesome let your hair down, put you heels on kind of night or are preparing for the ultimate relaxer weekend, have an amazing time! 

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