Biobunch will be back in exactly 2 weeks!

Greetings everybody! Hope you have had a lovely week and have amazing things planned for the weekend. Now on to serious matter. For the next two weeks I will not be able to post anything new onto Biobunch. Not because I have gone on holiday as the image says but because I am doing a favour for someone which means for the next two weeks my working hours will be from 8-6:30 and by the time I get back home I will crash... hard. 

BUT! Biobunch isn't going completely off the radar. I will have my phone beside me the entire time and will be tweeting my fingers off for you guys! You now have one thing to do before you go off an enjoy your amazing weekend. 

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To make sure your in on all the awesomeness that will come over the next two weeks! It will include sneak peaks into future posts, awesome quotes of the week with some breathtaking pictures and all the science you could possibly have in a day!

See you guys back here in two weeks! Post day will resume on the Friday 24th June, put it in your diary... you won't want to miss out.

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