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Whether it is new years for you guys already or you are still in the Eve of it all we have an entire post based on the most awesome science related events and discoveries we could find from the year of 2013! Enjoy!! 

Lets have a look at the events we got out hands in: 

World Environment Day! 2013: 
It was all about those three words below! and it was an amazing day! Challenge for you guys at home try WWF's 5 Livewell principles as a new years resolution and tell us how you get on! World Environment Day
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National Geographics Mighty Water Week 2013! check it out!!... 
Yep we did a post every day for 7 days for this week and it was awesome!
 And Big Cat Week

2013 marked some losses for us all...

On the 11th May 2013, poachers raided an elephant sanctuary and killed at least 26 elephants. for the full story click here
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In an article entitled Top 10 Hotspots, it was shown that between August 2012 and July 2013 deforestation increased by 28% (still recorded as the second lowest level ever). The image below is taken by google where the green indicate the forest cover and the red shows the forest that has been lost. To see the other google images taken of forests from around the world and their state of deforestation please click here!
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But it also marked some amazing discoveries and event for science and conservation...

Earth Hour hosted by WWF- In 2013 this year, at 8:30pm London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and more all switched their lights of for an hour!!
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London Zoo's Streak for Tigers event! Raised a lot of money for global tiger conservation schemes!
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Humpback whales may be taken of the  endangered list for 2014 as their numbers are now considered to be viable. Good thing or a bad thing read this and tell us what you think? Humpback whale 

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And in terms of discoveries...

There were more than 10 newly found animal species this year including a monkey that purs like a cat!! but our highlight was this cutie called an olinguito. Tell us what you think!! Cute??
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For the first time ever an artificial heart used for people with very weak hearts that are unable to pump blood to sustain life, has saved a patients life. A promising start for future usage!...     
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The genetic default that is linked to the development of Downs syndrome has now been corrected states, this was conducted on isolated cells only and not humans but it is a massive step in further understanding this condition!. 
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And that marks the end of our last post for 2013 (short and sweet we would love to go on though)!!! We hope you have enjoyed this year as much as we have and we have an awesome feeling that 2014 will be a great year for science! We hope you have an EPIC New Years and we want to thank you for being so loyal to our blog we really appreciate everything! 
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