Seasons Greetings everybody!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why? Because it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Okay I will stop now haha however I could go on for a very very long time with this.

Planet Earth has now officially finished, which I am devastated about but all things must come to an end. David Attenborough as well as his truly dedicated research team managed to transport us straight to some of the most dramatic events Nature offers against breathtaking backgrounds, so a huge THANKS to the team that brought us close to Planet Earth again. Hopefully we will see it again in another four years!

On today’s post I have taken inspiration on an element from the Planet Earth series. Animal fights. This calls to mind the colossal fight between the two giant dragons from the Islands episode and so many more - but we are looking into something in particular… what makes a champion in the animal world? How do individuals win fights? As in all things within nature it is not a clear cut answer, however there are several factors that greatly influence the winner once a fight starts.

Size matters:

The scene was set. We were taken to an island were the biggest predator was the largest lizard on the planet. The great Komodo Dragon. What triggered the fight? Mating rights. Two rivaling males battling it out for access to female in heat. Before entering a fight and risking injury or death the two males assess each other's fighting potential using body size as an indicator. However, when both are equally matched a contest is inevitable.

Image Source

In Asian elephants physical size was found to be a significant factor on the success of the fighting outcome. Those that were physically bigger are more likely to win contests.
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