Greetings everybody! 

First things first... HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! The year of 2015 is fast approaching the end and I would like to say for the millionth time but from the bottom of my heart- I am sooo sorry for the lack of posts featured on the blog. I would like to say thank you to those who passed the website onto other friends and family and sticking with it! Greatly appreciated! 

Not much of an excuse but it has been a crazy year both positively and negatively, but we will come back to the Crazy 2015 year (all the positives I promise). 

Before I get ahead of myself I have a few updates for you about the website, check them out!

  1.  This magnificent blog is no longer run by two people but by one. Me (Topaz) 
  2.  At the moment I am working full time Monday - Friday as well as part time on weekends as a Science Tutor!!! (the second is the exciting one not the first). HOWEVER, come February, my work schedule will become a lot more blog friendly (so more posts yay!). So just hang in until then guys. 
  3. Biobunch's profiles have been refurbished, this includes the, Google+ page, Youtube, Twitter and the actual blog!! Be sure to keep an eye on them. 
  4. As a graduate I no longer have access to my university library so you will see a little less primary literature until I can afford a renewal of my nature subscription. 

Well... those were the updates... onto the actual post. For today, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to the celebration of 2015 by sharing with you my crazy 2015 year. 

With all my ridiculous deadlines for assessments, lab practicals, my dissertation (super scary document) and serious revision for exam season, one thing rescued both me and my fellow housemates. Comfort food and drinks. Yes- there was a lot of comfort food whether it be a cheeky cocktail, a starbucks frappuccino or an XXL Papa Johns Pizza (for myself only- of course). Ofcourse one of the stresses was receiving UNWANTED house guests (top right). 

Next up is my amazing trip to Ecuador- thats right BIOBUNCH DID SOUTH AMERICA!!
I was lucky enough to go with two amazing people, and we took part on the safe and calm adventure activities... I lied. White water rafting, Bridge Jumping, Canyoning and an Amazon Rainforest Day Trip, where we ate local cuisine out of massive broadleaves and ate some lemon ants! Not ones to shy from a challenge we went to a bar known for being overrun by the cats in the area and asked for... the Bob Marley Shot (bottom picture) - and yes that is fire on top... and yes you drink it when it is lit! Oh and we saw a volcano plume whilst sipping a hot chocolate and eating the best cheese melt. 

Yeah... it was an amazing year and it is near to impossible to describe the emotional rollercoaster you feel in the final year of university, your both excited and devastated at the exact same time. Excitement for beginning your new life, or returning home and devastated at the thought of leaving arguably some of the best 3 years of your life in term of friendships formed and memories made. How best to finish of this small snapshot than with some pictures of my graduation from the amazing University of Lincoln. 

And similar to the year of 2015 we are fast approaching the end of this post. In the spirit of the New Year, one of my resolutions is to be consistent with the blog and its social platforms, and yours can be to keep visiting the site LOL. 

I thought I would leave you guys with a treat... it is almost an equivalent to be a spoiler trailer with some posts coming out for 2016: 

Biology Behind: The Walking Dead

Crash  Course in Global Warming Vs Climate Change (in light of our recent extreme weather)

Royal Institution Lecture Summaries Series. 

In the mean time enjoy our white water rafting video! Seriously I am on it (almost drowned twice!)

Over and Out

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