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First of all we want to say how sorry we are for not posting any new articles on Biobunch for so long!! it has been painful for us to neglect our blog for that long but sadly exam season consumed all of our time. 
But we are back!! and we promise that we are going to try our hardest to deliver to you our loyal Biobunch readers some cutting edge and share worthy articles. 
Lets get on to it then shall we, today is the 12th of June it is officially Biobunch's 1st ANNIVERSARY!!... Yes that means that you guys have been sticking around and reading our articles for an ENTIRE year. In order to celebrate we are going to list our 5 most read articles by you guys, and by the end you will know which one received the most page views.

#5: Shark Week: Megalodon
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Yes! Cast your minds back to what was the epic fail of shark week 2013! Shark week was started with a documentary series on Megalodon, and we took it upon ourselves to educate you guys a little more on this massive prehistoric shark. (If you want to read more click on the above title)

#4: Do you know your moths from your butterflies?

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Do you remember any of the differences discussed in this post? If not and you need a bit of a refresher then click on the title above to check it out. Especially as summer is arriving it would be helpful to be able to identify some of these lovely fluttering creatures in your garden.

#3: Friday Facts: Week #4
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There were some really cool facts this week like the fact that Scottish scientists created a pizza that has 30% of your daily recommended nutrients, to refresh your memory on what made it into this weeks Friday facts click on the title.

#2: Weird Moths and Strange Facts
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Above is one of the most amazing looking moths EVER!! This post showed you some of the most weirdest moths that nature has to offer us, such as the Venezuelan Poodle moth. So, check out which ones out of 160,000 species of moth made it into Biobunch's Weird moths. (click on the title above)

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Last but most definitely not least is the post that received a staggering 1473 page views was probably one of our favorite posts to write for you guys. In this post we introduced the global pollinator crisis and precisely looked at how bumblebees are in severe danger. And finished off with how you guys can help in your own gardens and your own windowsill

Well that was our anniversary post, celebrating the posts that you guys viewed the most. We hope to make this another amazing year for Biobunch so make sure you keep up to date with the latest
Over and out.    


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