SOTW: Pac-Man gone horribly wrong (Ceratophrys ornata)

Greetings everybody, Here we are again. Wednesday (SOTW day) and today we present the Ornate Horned frog, also known as the Argentine horned frog, Argentine wide-mouth Frog or Pac-Man frog.

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Why is it known as Pac-Man frog you ask?“Pac-Man” describes the appearance of the frog when it lunges at prey as it appears to be all mouth. The frogs can be around 11-17cm, yet they will try to eat anything that can/can’t fit in their mouths, you may even go to the extent to call them relentless eaters. Sometimes they are even called “mouths with legs” as their mouth appears to be the entire front half of the body. Their diet consists of rodents, small reptiles and insects. 

Image Source The voracious eater that is ornate horned frog, even consumes other frogs.

Conservation status: Near Threatened

Habitat: Rainforests of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

Characteristics: These carnivorous frogs are large, round and flat toothed, their mouths are extremely wide and are armed with strong gripping jaws. Commonly the frogs are very colorful, they are bright green with dark red to black markings along their backs. As well, the females are slightly larger than males.

Image SourceDark green, particolour black and albino versions also exist.

Well that was all for today, we hope you've found our post interesting. See you soon. Until then why not leave a comment on what species you would like featured on the next species of the week.

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