Campaign Week Day #1: Deforestation.

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This week on Biobunch we have been inspired by the movie the 'Lorax' by Dr. Seuss a movie about corporate greed, deforestation, the decisions of one impacting the many and most importantly our need for nature to balance us out. One of the quotes that the Lorax said related to the importance of the individual, and we will use this quote at the end of each blog post in this series.
So, join us in celebrating our own themed week... Campaign week!!!  We will bring to you all some of the most pressing issues we are facing today over a course of 5 days. Hope you guys enjoy. 

This weeks campaign is......


Deforestation has been identified as a major factor in global warming, it contributes 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions that is more than any car, truck, plane and boat combined. This is a serious threat not only to our own climates but also the 1.6 billion people depending directly on the forests for food and shelter. We are sure we do not need to remind you that the forest also serves as a home for some of the rarest plants and animals including the ones we have yet to discover in the forest
Here are some infrographics below on how we are connected to deforestation without even realizing, and just how dramatic the effects of deforestation are worldwide
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Campaigning for change: 

Greenpeace has stepped up to deforestation through their many different campaigns and shows what a group of individuals can do if they care enough. Dove is featured in the one below due to their excessive use of palm oil, the campaigns delivered such negative press that they were forced to react by taking the lead to stop deforestation in Indonesia. AMAZING!! Find out more here

The future of our forests:

Innovations such as the bamboo skateboards made by many companies such as those seen below, make it easier for all of us to change our habits really quickly especially you skaters out there! Have a look at the next few images and see how you can manage forests sustainably.
One possible saving grace for our forests is a financial incentive called REDD+. REDD+ was set up in order to entice developing countries to reduce the deforestation in their country, if they were to suffer any economic losses as a cause of this, they would be paid the loss by other countries such as Norway.  

REDD+ 5 principles:

1. Climate: REDD+ demonstrably contributes to greenhouse gas emissions reductions with national goals working  a global objective.
2. Biodiveristy: REDD+ maintains and/or enhances forest biodiversity and ecosystem services
3. Livelihoods: REDD+ contributes  to sustainable and equitable development by strengthening the livelihoods of forest dependent communites.
4. Rights: REDD+ recognises and respects the rights of indigenous people and local communites.
5. Fact and effective funding: REDD+ mobilises immediate, adequate and predictable resources for action in priority forest areas in an equitable, transparent, participatory and coordinated manner.

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What can you do to help? 

What is so amazing about all the campaigns we will feature on this blog is that the power does lie in our hands, the power of the people has never been more true. Put pressure on those companies with bad environmental practices, shop for eco-friendly logos look for recycles and FSC. 
To think you could start the change the next time you do a shop. 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
-Dr Seuss, The Lorax.

Thanks Lorax, thats Biobunch, 
over and out. 

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