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So Biobunch have decided that due to our very busy schedule (the fun and games do not stop after finishing university we assure you) that posts will occur for definite every FRIDAY! Thats right every friday there will be a new and epic post for you guys to sink your teeth into. 
Now these posts may be a 'Friday Facts' piece or it may be our favourite 'Biology Behind' posts either way we assure you there will be something on here so be sure to make it every week.

Okay, so we were watching the old 'world deadliest shows' the other day and were shocked at some of the creatures featured on the show. This got us to thinking about what animals have made the global shortlist for number of humans killed on average every year. With some epic internet searching we found the answer in a beautifully presented infographic so check it out. 

Have some of these numbers shocked you? Perhaps the number of people killed by mosquitos every year was a lot higher than you expected. Or, maybe the number of people killed annually by hippos is far higher than the number killed by great white sharks was the most shocking!  Because it shocked us!
Well until next week, have a super awesome weekend. 
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