The Mini Monsters under your beds

Good morning to my lovely readers

It is the best time of week again - Friday. In fact, this will be my first weekend working as a seasonal presenter for London Zoo on Sundays, so if you are around come and find me and say hi! Today's post title may sound slightly alarming, but by the end of this post, you will understand that it is not a gross over exaggeration.

Before I introduce you to the creepy crawlies a quick crash course in terminology is required: 

Anthropophilic: The Vector shows a strong preference for taking blood meals from humans. 

Zoophilic: The vector shows a strong preference for taking their blood meals from animals. 

Endophagy: A vector that takes their blood meal indoors.

Exophagy: A vector that consumes blood from their victim outdoors.

Endophily: When the vector eventually rests they remain indoors or sheltered from the external surroundings. 

Exophily: When the vector eventually rests they remain outdoors.

Allow me to introduce you to some of the vectors behind some of the worst diseases: 

What a great way to introduce you all to the world of vector-borne diseases. Now, these are not all the vectors known to us on Planet Earth but they are the ones that I selected for today  - make sure you keep an eye out for the next few to complete the series. 
As always everybody it was my greatest pleasure blogging for you. I am now of to learn more of my ZSL scripts for Sunday. 
Have an awesome weekend

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