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Hello, all of you Science and City lovers! 

Welcome to my newly styled blog Science in the City previously known as Biobunch. This blogs origin started in the first year of university in partnership with a once close friend. Graduation was a dream and Biobunch thrived under the watchful eye of myself. 

However, New Year brings new beginnings and with it a brand new blog! Let me give you a quick crash guide into what its all about if you are new: 

Biology Behind: One of my favourite series. Designed to deep into the physiology, pathology and epidemiology of many diseases as well as natural phenomena

Health and Medicine: Fairly explanatory. Looks at everything old and new in the medical world. 

Friday Facts: For the person inside of all of us who want to come across as incredibly intellectual at the dinner table or that party round the corner. Short, factual and sometimes very surprising. 

Science Series: As a major lover of David Attenborough, Animal Planet, Eden, Nat Geo Wild and so much more every now and again I fancy following them along with a post or two, or three haha. 

Nature's Wonders: Expect every aspect of Nature, because that's what you are going to get ... everything. 

VERY NEW FEATURE: In the City has nothing there at the moment... that is because all good things to those who wait. Expect pictures of museum exhibits, London Zoo, Aquarium and the occasional Panorama of London. 

But who am I? 

I have a passion for Science, especially Public Health, Parasitology as well as studying the pathogenesis of diseases. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying being a full time tutor in the heart of London, but not for long. Application deadlines for my Masters are fast approaching and there is a lot to do. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing about it

Science in the City

It is officially the build up to the exam season and between being a full-time tutor and a nice enough big sister to help my brother I will not be able to post until after the exam season! Good luck to all of you who have approaching exams. 

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It's all about breathtaking and blockbusting science here on BioBunch. If you have an idea on what should be featured on the blog, leave a comment below... or just leave one to say hi!
Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy the blog

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