HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! from everyone here at Biobunch. We were trolling through twitter today and found that the only animals that were given any credit for good fathering skills were the Seahorse and the Emperor Penguin. Now, we are not questioning these dads abilities to care for their offspring but we thought that these fathers could'nt be the only dads representing for nature, so the search began for these illusive fathers and we found a website article on 'Nature's 10 best animal dads'. Below you will find 2 animal dads that we thought were the most impressive and surprising.

Biobunch's 2 most surprising fathers in Nature:
1. This is a male Jacana and should get the best homemaker award if there was one in existence. He is responsible for making the nests, incubating the eggs and caring for the chicks. Now the father remains devoted to the unborn chicks, whilst the mother goes and mates with other males, infact the fathers are so loyal that they have been seen to look after eggs that were fertilized by other males! aww bless the poor guy.

2. Say hello to the Giant water bug now this may not be the prettiest insect of all but it is considered to be the most dedicated daddy in the insect kingdom which is saying a lot considering there are 92,5000 species that have been identified!. You see those bumps on the wings, that is not a decoration that is the males offspring, he keeps them on his wings until they are mature enough to hatch. Don't mess with this daddy though, when threatened these bugs deliver the most painful bite in nature.

Here is the website where we found these awesome animal dads make sure you visit it and tell us which two of these dads impressed you guys the most!

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