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This is the dawn of a blog where two biology students share their thoughts & opinions and discuss scientific theories, ranging from global challenges such as food security, climate change, habitat loss, to leading scientific breakthroughs in medicine and animal & plant biology. 
We hope to provide our readers with the ability to freely enhance and deepen your knowledge and understanding of an ever changing field of science, to feed your biological hunger in an approachable but stimulating way.

The opinions expressed here represent our own thoughts and opinions, and may change from time to time as a result of an open mind.Please keep in mind when interpreting my opinions, reviews and thoughts that my intention is to do no harm.Opinions and thoughts of readers are welcomed and much appreciated. 

Over and Out.

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It's all about breathtaking and blockbusting science here on BioBunch. If you have an idea on what should be featured on the blog, leave a comment below... or just leave one to say hi!
Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy the blog

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