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We introduce to you fine and awesome people today something that will be continuing on our blog called a 'Follow Up' why we hear you ask! Well so far on Biobunch we have covered quite a few concepts and touched on some very important global issues and we thought that as new information comes up on an article we had previously posted we would like to inform you further on the subject. So, welcome to the first Follow Up article!! 

Cast your mind back to the BEES NEED YOU! article posted a few days ago, remember how we said that their is an intimate and fascinating relationship between pollinators and plants well we found ourselves looking on YouTube for some AWESOME pollination clips and found something so breathtakingly beautiful we just had to show you! Without further a dew this video clip is rightfully called 'The hidden beauty of pollination' by Louie Schwartzberg! Enjoy!!

How amazing! this one video shows just how two different living organisms can be so interconnected with one another, and exactly why we solely believe in our websites motto 'In all thing of nature there is something of the marvelous', we hope you enjoyed it! What was your favorite pollinator from this short clip?? 

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