Friday Facts: Week #11

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David Hu’s “Laws of Urination” says almost all mammals empty their bladders in the same period of time. If anyone’s interested here’s a video of the physics of urine. The holding size of the bladder is not important. Whether it be a elephant that can urinate 42.3 gallons in one go, or a 20-pound dog that can urinate half a cup of liquid most mammals taken 20-40 seconds to empty their bladder.

A new study suggests toddlers that are restless, inattentive, op-positional, and moody than other three year old toddlers are more prone to grow up to become problem gamblers three decades later. 1037 three-year-old infants were sorted in one of five temperaments (under-controlled, inhibited, confident, reserved, or well adjusted). At ages 21 & 36, 939 of those 1037 individuals answered questions about gambling behavior. At the age of 21, 13%had gambled in a “disordered” way and at the age of 32, 4% were still gambled at that problematic level. Even after taking gender, intelligence and socioeconomic status into account, however under-controlled temperament in toddler-hood remained a significant predictor of disordered gambling in adulthood. 

China’s been mentioned in our Friday facts before. China’s air pollution is nothing you guys have not read about. A quarter of global CO2 is produced by China and thereby making it the second largest contributor to global warming in the world. China uses about half the world’s coal, so it’s to no astonishment  that blue skies aren't common in Chinese cities. The situation is so atrocious that the total suspended particulates (TSPs) air pollution is causing the 500 million residents of Northern China to lose more than 2.5 billion life years of life expectancy.

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