Happy National Black Cat Day

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Greetings reader, Happy National Black Cat Day! For people that don’t know, National Black Cat day is an annual celebration of black and black-and-white felines by Cats Protections charity. To show our appreciation of National Black Cat day, now we’re going to flood you with pictures of these beautiful creatures.

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Black cat decorations are used popularly on Halloween. Many superstitions have given black cats an unacceptable reputation of being evil, causing bad luck and being associated with witches. 

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One belief was that witches had black felines as pets which were given to them by Satan. Another assumption was that witches and Satan could shape-shift into a cat and sometimes witches would sacrifice cats during their rituals. 

This is a cat owned by one of the writers at #biobunch. She's called Judy. 
In today’s modern western world, we’d like to say people don’t believe any of the assumptions above however people do correlate black cats with bad luck and mischief so it’s no shock that almost half of the cats in rescue homes across the UK are black or black & white. 

She was about to be put down, but luckily she was rescued. She is spoiled by expensive treats and cat food and she's never been happier. 
Coloring doesn't make a difference in a cat’s personality so next time you think of adopting a cat, consider a black or black & white cat, they aren't any different to the other cats on offer, if not beautiful. 

If you have a black or black & white cat leave a picture below, so it can be added to our next post. Come back soon for our "Sinister" animals post.

Over and out. 

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