SOTW: The Transformer Owl (Ptilopsis leucotis)

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Hope you have had a lovely and productive week! For those reader out there who have had their first week back at school, it does get better... eventually. Anyway lets celebrate Friday with Biobunch's own Species of the week (SOTW). 

This week features the Northern White Faced Owl, otherwise known as the transformer owl (all will become clear). Take a look at this lovely little owl below isn't it cute. Somewhat resembles those ty toys you find in just about every try store nowadays. Its all in the eyes!

Image source
Image Source

Conservation status: Least Concern

Habitat: Found in dry woodland and the acacia savannah in both Northern and Central Africa South of the Sahara. These little carnivores are found eating a range if insects including scorpions as well as small reptiles, birds and mammals. 

Length: These are small birds and range between 24-28cm. 

Now onto the best part their characteristics! 

Why are they called the transformer owl? All is answered when you see how these owls react to a possible threat such as predators. They have two responses both of which involve a rather dramatic change in appearance. 

Similar to many other animals in the face of a equally sized opponent the owl puffs out its feathers to appear far larger like this: 

Image Source

These lovely birds have amazing control over their facial muscles and when faced with a predator they go from cute plush toy face to, well, 'BRING IT ON' face. Check it out in the video below. 

However, if it is a more intimidating opponent such as a larger bird of prey it will slim itself, stay perfectly still and blend in the trees... as a stick: 

Image Source

We are coming to the end of the post. I know sad, but don't worry we are leaving you with one more  video about a babyNorthern White Faced Owl living at Whipsnade Zoo! 

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