Biobunch is back with Friday Facts!!

Greetings everybody!

Patience is a virtue and I cannot thank you guys enough for being patient whilst I sorted a few things out. But I am back with some crazy, cool and captivating post ideas for you guys for the next few weeks. What a day to come back Britain is no longer part of the EU and there is a split on whether this is the start of Armageddon or should be celebrated as Independence day, Donald Trump and his family just landed in Scotland Nigel Farage lied about putting more money into the NHS and David Cameron is being a spoilt brat who didn't get his way and has now resigned with Boris Johnson being a potential candidate to be prime minister. 
Yep today, is a day of mixed feelings but you know what i don't have mixed feelings about... blogging for you guys again! Let the good times begin again with Friday Facts and with my renewed subscription to Nature... Enjoy!!

That is all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed some of these weird but crazy facts see you guys same time next week!

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