Friday Facts: Week #15

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Discovered nearly 20 years ago near Japan’s Amami-Oshima island, the 2-metre wide geometric circular structures (in the picture above) were found to be constructed by male Pufferfish Torquigener sp. (Tetraodontidae). Watch the fish in action here.
Males use their body in various angles to create peaks and valleys on the sea bed around a central circle in order to create a structure “nest” desired by female Pufferfish. If a female likes the nest and the male who built it, she lays her eggs in the center of the nest and leaves the male to do the parental chores.

A combination of smoking and heavy drinking habits can contribute to the acceleration of age-related cognitive decline, according to a new study. A 10-year study conducted by researchers from University College London used 6500 participants (aged 45-69). The study found that a combination of both smoking and drinking behavior lead to a decline of 36% in brain function, and the problem accelerates in correlation with increased alcohol intake. However no cause-and-effect relationship was proven.

Sand tiger sharks are also known as grey nurse sharks, spotted ragged-tooth sharks, and blue-nurse sand tigers. They are large-bodied and are found hovering near deep sandy-bottomed gutters, rocky caves or in the vicinity of inshore rocky reefs and islands. For sand tiger sharks competition between males to pass on their genetic material does not end with conception. The competition prolongs into the female’s uterus, where when the first baby shark develops it cannibalizes the other males from hatched embryos, inside the womb until only one remains. Watch it here.

Grey seals (also known, as the Atlantic Grey Seal and Horsehead Seal) inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean and come ashore onto exposed rocky areas in order to reproduce. Half of the world’s population of grey seals is found on and around the British coasts where their numbers have doubled since 1960.

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