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Planet Earth 2 has managed to shock its viewers with even more ground breaking and astonishing footage of the natural world! Then again did we ever doubt? For the next 5 or so weeks my weekly posts are going to show my own personal highlights from each episode. Expect a little more information into some of the species featured in each of David Attenborough's Planet Earth 2 episodes... Its going to be awesome. Also, post day will change from a Friday and be a Tuesday instead (just for you Planet Earth 2)!

For this week, I am focusing on those of you out there who have not watched it and showing you some captured images from the episode. 

You missed...

Dragon Turf Wars: Two equally sized Komodo Dragons battle it out for ultimate mating rates to a nearby lady dragon. 

If you thought that Emperor Penguins had it hard living in Arctic conditions you have never seen the Chinstrap penguin. My heart went out to these little guys, battling some of the stormiest waters on a daily basis just to feed their own chicks, their bodies thrown against rocks. Sadly the reality is not all survive and those that do can come back with some horrific injuries. 

Ultimate race of a lifetime played out between marine iguana hatchlings and racer snakes. This was footage that you had to see to believe! This little baby marine iguanas trying to make it to the safety of the sea with a a legion of racer snakes hunting them! Do they make it? You need to watch!

Guys it is still available of BBC iPlayer! You are heading off into the weekend watch it tonight or tomorrow but make sure you do not miss this weeks episode on BBC Sunday at 8pm! It looks amazing with rare footage of snow leopards. 

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