Exciting but stressful times ahead...

Greetings everybody

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of posts and let me assure you I had every intention to keep to that weekly post of Planet Earth 2 highlights. However, I have recently received a call from a publishing company interested in publishing my final year dissertation in a book form! Only issue is my original document was 25 pages long they require a minimum of 42 pages. 

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Needless to say, all hours of the day have been spent working on this dissertation in order to send it of to them and start on the next step. 

I am also approaching application season for the masters programme I want to do next year... in addition to this Christmas is fast approaching, and this is a big thing for my family and I so preparation for this is well under way. 

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As a full time tutor, the December half term offers a chance for me to connect targeted workshops for this years GCSE students on topics they require more help on. Issue being that workshops require booklets to work through, of which I have to make from scratch. Oh and finally, Biobunch is going through a revamp!! Complete with new website make over and a change in the name of the blog (feel it is now time to change things up a little). 

Hectic times ahead. What does this mean for Biobunch? It doesn't mean that it is the end of the line! No where close. This is the plan guys. From now until the week beginning 14th December my blogs twitter will be exploding with awesome news about Planet Earth 2 as well as some Friday Fact like jewels coming up every now and again. 

Then on the 18th December there will be a dynamite post wrapping up not only Planet Earth 2's series but also discussing over some key themes encountered through the series. 

Bank it: Remember 18th December will be POST DAY again

Until then my lovely and loyal readers...

Over and out

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