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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! We do hope that you're all having a great day no matter what you are getting up to. However, the day is not over yet, for you men and women out there it is not too late to do something to spice up this day. Have no fear we got you covered we are going to teach you how to impress the ladies the NATURE way! And for those of you who are having a girly night in, this is going to be a bit of a laugh really.
So lets get on then!

Firstly, what is a courtship display? well it is a performance taken on by animals seeking to advertise their  intentions to find a partner and mate. Examples include the peacocks tail but in monogamous species these displays are solely to reaffirm the bond between them, so public affection really. 

Rule #1: Moonwalking! It's swarve...

One dance move fits all, even in nature... the moonwalk! This is guaranteed to get her attention, all girls like a guy who can dance and shuffle his feet. 

Rule #2: Saucy dancing. Yes. Gifts. Yes! Second base. No!

Showing your other half your moves in a hot sexy tango or salsa dance, muy caliente, and giving her gifts even if all of them are blue is very sweet (probably not when you have just met her of course), but going straight for second base with a girl you have just met, we advise against it, even if it did work out for him, you do this you're up for a slapped face.

Rule #3: Show how much you appreciate and love your mate.

These lovely birds are Clark's Grebe (Aechmophorus clarkii) and they mate for life! What you have just seen is a dance that both the male and female carry out to reaffirm and strengthen their bonds. How romantic, these birds are not afraid of public affection and adoration for one another, and we love it! 

Rule #4: Attention to detail is crucial!!

Now, we are not encouraging you to go out and make a 'seduction parlor' (and if you have one maybe you have found some inspiration for your interior). But women do appreciate the little things you do whether it is rose petals on the bed, or having a candlelit dinner to set the scene, and you know if you do happen to bring a man or woman back then it would be best that your house isn't a bomb site.

Rule #5: Pink is Masculine

Pink things seem girly however as seen in the male hooded seals (cystophora cristata) mating ritual. A hot-pink balloon is used to demonstrate manliness. So remember to pull out all the stops and show off. Unlike these creatures, a fight with your competition is not advised. 

Overall you find these tips helpful and that nature have taught you a few things. Have a lovely Valentine's. 

Over and Out. 

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