SOTW: When you mix a house cat with a teddy bear! (Bassaricyon neblina)

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What you are seeing down below is the answer to the question of 'what happens when you mix a house cat and a teddy bear?'... well according to National Geographic's description.
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Is this little cutie looking familiar to any of you guys? It just so happens that this specie was also featured in our Celebration of 2013 post to see why just click on that link. The Bassaricyon neblina is commonly known as the olinguito, but enough about names lets get down to the facts of our species of the week!

Order: Carnivora

Family: Procydae

Habitat: Only in cloud forests of the northern Andes in Ecuador and Colombia at high elevations.

Length: 14 inches in length and their tails are 13-17 inches long!!,_solo.jpg
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The Olinguito is the smallest member of its family also known as the raccoon. They often eat fruit but have been known to turn their appetites towards insects and nectar as well. 
Even though the Olinguito has only been classified as a new species fairly recently, it wasn't completely of the radar, it was just misidentified for around 100 years! Until finally in the year 2013, the Smithsonian declared that it was in fact its own species! And what an adorable species might we add!. 

Well that was Species of the week everyone, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we will see you again on Friday!! Until then why not leave a comment on whether you agree it looks like a mix between a house cat and a teddy bear or maybe you have made up a better mix we would love to hear about it as always!

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